J-Sin Fallen and Un-replaceable

Written by on August 5, 2018

With great sadness the world said the last good bye to Jason (J-Sin) Lutrell the former singer of veteran Ozzfest 2000 band  Primer 55 passed away last August 11th of 2018. The original had a special chemistry when it came to playing heavy groovy and syncopated riff but Jason was the “icing on the cake”. Jason voice was not only powerful but colorful. In the album” Introduction to Mayhem” J-Sin vocals sounded young and careless on the rapping parts and his growling voice was simply out of this world. The unquestionable foundation of Primer 55 was essentially former Soulfly bass player Bobby Burns and Jason and it was until the year 2000 that Michael “Jr” Christopher (bass) and Josh McLane (drums) were in that the magic was completed. Some folks call it hardcore, others rap-core, new metal, who really cares?! I an tell you this, it was aggressive, sincere and took them to their next level as metal artist. Their work together will always be acknowledge by those who enjoyed that era of music were Primer 55 got to become one of the main names.

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